Have a Room for a Roommate? Check This Out for Some Great Ideas!

Renting your space 

Need to rent out a room? We have you covered. Sharing your place is the perfect way to help cover a part of your rent, and with the right roommate, make a lifelong friend you enjoy sharing your place with. While the thought may seem a little overwhelming, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We recommend that you always establish and communicate the “ground rules” before moving in with a roommate by asking basic questions like… 
  • Which areas are communal, and which rooms are private? 
  • How will rent and utilities be divided? 
  • Which household items are you willing to share? (i.e. kitchen utensils, furniture, etc.).  
  • Are you a neat freak or okay with a little clutter? 
  • Establish a parking plan! Will you need to share a spot, or is there plenty of parking space?
  • Is it okay to have guests over, if so, how frequently? 
  • Do you mind a little noise, or prefer some peace and quiet? 
Establishing house rules aren’t the most fun, but they’re imperative so you can have a healthy relationship with your roommate and have the ultimate roommate experience.
Members with honest and descriptive profiles tend to have the best results when looking for their perfect roommate! Include all the amenities that come not only with your place, but also the private space they’ll be renting… let them know if they’ll have a private bathroom or even a patio they can access from their room, information like these are awesome selling points. 
It’s not just about your place! Talk about your neighborhood, too. Are there awesome bars and restaurants nearby, how about a library or dog park? Are you close to the freeway? These are excellent features that get your roommate excited to move in! 
Conversation is key! If you have a hard time sparking up a conversation, we have some awesome "icebreaker" options to get the conversation started. Just remember to be the real you(and of course be appropriate and courteous). You’re a smooth talker, we know you’ll be just fine.
Note: Always follow your gut! If you’re feeling uncomfortable with a conversation you’re having end it immediately, there are plenty of other roommates out there. When you meet with a prospective roommate, always let somebody know where you’re going and when you’re going to meet. Better yet, if you can bring somebody you trust with you, even better! You’d rather be safe than sorry. 
A picture is worth a thousand words
So don’t forget to post pics not only of your space but also pictures of communal areas and the outside too! Most roommates have the most success when they post an array of photos. Also remember that posting photos of yourself, your pets, additional roommates, etc. give the best chance of finding a roommate faster.
Never settle for a less than perfect roommate, so make sure you find the perfect one by creating a detailed profile with plenty of photos. Breathe easy friend, you’re bound to find your Perfect Match®.  

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