Legal ID Verification Information

To complete this level of verification we have partnered with a third party identity verification service. When you request to verify your ID, the information you submit is securely sent directly to them. They then run this information through their system that checks a variety of different databases to verify that you are who you say you are! We have no control over their system or the outcome and we do not obtain, store, or see this information on our servers in any way. We are therefore unable to guarantee the outcome of the verification results and we do not offer refunds for this option. However, because we are unable to review the information entered or why the verification was successful or unsuccessful, we do allow for a second attempt with one upgraded purchase if the first one fails. 

Additionally, because the information you send to verify your ID is securely sent directly to our third party partner, we are unable to determine if there were any issues when entering your information that may or may not have led to any verification failures. We strongly recommend that you double and triple check all of your information before submitting as there is not a way for that information to be rechecked due to protecting the privacy of the information submitted. 

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