Why is my account suspended?

Roommates.com accounts may be suspended for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to) violations of our Terms of Service, security issues, payment/billing issues, or unverified account information.

How can I address my account suspension?

The most effective way to resolve an account suspension is to reach out to our Support Team (either by contacting us directly at support@roommates.com, or through our Contact page). When you contact our Support Team, be sure to do so with the email address associated with your Roommates.com account so we can locate your account, confirm your ownership, and review your account appropriately to determine the cause of your suspension. Once we review, we will be able to provide you with specific details regarding the suspension and guide you through the resolution process.

What should I do before contacting Support?

Before reaching out to our Support Team, we strongly recommend logging in to your account to confirm that your email verification and phone verification have been completed successfully (if necessary, please refer to our Verifying Your Account Help Center page). If these mandatory verifications haven't been completed (particularly if you have an older account which has not recently been accessed), this may be the cause of the suspension. Once you've completed phone/email verification, you will still need to contact our Support Team as outlined above, but having both of these mandatory verifications completed can help us get your account reinstated faster if it was suspended due to unverified account information.

We aim to maintain a safe and positive environment for all users. If your account has been suspended, our Support Team is here to help you understand the situation and work towards a resolution. Your assistance and patience is greatly appreciated.

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