Why am I receiving notifications regarding inactive accounts?

We understand that it can be frustrating to find that a user's profile cannot be found after you receive a notification that they were a Perfect Match. Similarly, it can also be frustrating when you receive a notification of a new message from another user, only to find that the user's profile is unavailable and/or the message has been removed. Why does this occur?

Please understand that users can deactivate, hide, or delete their account/profile at any time depending on their own personal needs. Additionally, our Support Staff may remove accounts at any point due to Terms of Service violations in order to keep legitimate users (such as yourself) safe and secure. Finally, if someone decides you might not be a great Match for their own needs, they do have the option to block your profile in order to consolidate their current Matches and focus on other potential roommate candidates.

In conclusion, if a user's account/profile was removed from the site (either by our staff or by the user themselves) OR if the user blocked your profile after their own account was provided to you through a notification email, their profile would display as inactive (typically through a "Profile not found" message) when you attempt to access their profile through the notification. 

We do understand that this can be frustrating, but we hope that this helps to clarify why this situation occurs.

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