I need a room...why am I matched with others who also need a room?

If you're stumped about why you are receiving "I need a room" Matches but you need a room yourself, wonder no more! You are receiving "I need a room" Matches because of a handy feature called our "Find a Place Together?" option.

When initially creating your profile, there is an option to select labeled "Find a Place Together?". This option adds in potential matches who are also looking for a place to stay that our system thinks you might get along well with! If you find someone who would be a great roommate, this allows you to connect and join forces to be able to find a place together. 

In your Matches section, an easy way to sort out profiles of matches who have a place and matches that are also looking for a place is to use the "Show" drop-down menu. Here you can pick one of three options: "All Matches," "Who Has a Room," and "Who Needs a Room." Please note, this sorting option will not appear if there is only one page of matches. 

If you decide that you just don't want to mess around with this feature anymore, no worries! You can easily opt out of this by editing your profile and turning off the "Find a Place Together?" option under the "Who" section.

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