Can I use if I am a Landlord?

Great question! is intended to be used by individuals who are either looking to share a home with a potential roommate or have a space to rent out in their own home. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind: you are free to use if you intended to live with the potential roommate you're searching for through the site.

If you are 1) looking to fill a vacant property, 2) looking for a tenant for a property you do not personally reside in, or 3) represent an apartment complex, a dormitory, a real estate organization, or a townhouse/condominium complex who is searching for prospective tenants/residents/renters, please be aware that unfortunately was not designed with your needs in mind. Our Terms of Service prohibit using to rent out a space that you do not live in (such as a vacant house or apartment). You can read more detail by reviewing our Terms of Service.

If you are looking to rent out a vacant property, we suggest checking instead.

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